Cucusoft All Media Player

Cucusoft All Media Player 1.68

Cucusoft All Media Player was a Media Player for Windows

Cucusoft All Media Player was a Media Player for Windows. I say was because apparently, the application isn't supported by the developer any longer. The application is still available for download on the website, but no further information is given about it. What I could gather from a quick view of the application is the following. The application is intended to be an all media player with support for several formats. However, the format support is dependent on the codecs installed on your system. If you don't have codecs, All Media Player won't be able to open a single file. The player has most basic controls. You can pause, stop, fast forward and rewind the video or audio. You can go full screen by right clicking on the dock and clicking on Full Screen. The player behaves OK under most file playback situations I put it through. The application has support for subtitles, which is weak. So, I wouldn't really say you get this application, since it is not the best out there and it lacks support. There are other (VLC) media players that can work for you.

José Fernández
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